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Jamie Oliver's Fennel and Lemon Salad | Recipe

Pick out along with discard and chunky ends regarding lemon or perhaps fennel. put the particular stalks in in order to a bowl having a great lug involving additional virgin essential olive oil and a pinch regarding salt along with pepper.

This recipe ended up being styled by chef Karen Pickus with regard to Great Morning America.


From the kitchen involving Jamie Oliver


Pair this tasty lemon and also fennel salad using the cajun blackened fish steaks or even the pan-fried chicken together with ancho chili salsa, served along with pita and also yogurt. Squash the actual lemon with the heel of your hand, then shred inside the processor too. roughly chop the actual coriander leaves, then finely slice the particular stalks, discarding the particular very ends. Its refreshing crunch complements the actual spiciness involving another dishes .


2 bulbs of fennel

1 lemon

1 small bunch involving coriander, flat leaf parsley and mint

Cooking Directions

Trim the base along with ends of the fennel bulbs, discarding the particular outer leaves if necessary and also reserving the particular herby ends if you've them, Halve your bulb then shred in a food processor, utilizing your fine slicer disc attachment. Suggestion right in to a big serving bowl

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